Matt's VC 7 Layer Tex-Mex Dip Recipe


This is a recipe that dates back hundreds of years, where monarchs and peasants alike were brought together by this wonderous treat and... well not really. It actually dates back to the summer of 2002 when I was messin' around in the kitchen at 27 Ezra, in preparation for a party with the VC crew. Since then, it has been a tradition, and is prepared by appointment to the king of the realm, a great Lad. Perhaps you have stumbled upon this page through a link from, or perhaps you have been one of the exclusive few to have sampled it in the flesh, asked me for the recipe and been directed here. My original search for a great dip recipe with which to experiment was through the search, and this recipe was loosely based on one from an archive hosted at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science (I BS you not!). I, however, find my version much more satisfying (and since I was just too lazy when I made the original to go find the Frito Lay bean dip aisle in the supermarket, I substituted salsa, which turned out quite nicely!).


The Recipe

Start by reading the above history. This is essential to get you in the mood for preparation of this recipe. In a large (preferrably clear) bowl, start by spreading Layer 1 in the bottom of the bowl, then add Layer 2 on top of it and so on. If you have lots of time to spare, refrigerate for 30 minutes between layers. It won't make any difference in the dip, but it'll kill some time. Part of the real secret for this dip is to make sure everything is dry so the dip isn't runny, so if necesary, pat down the more juicy ingredients with paper towel before putting them in the bowl. The US measurements are here for any Americans that still haven't joined the rest of the scientific world in the metric system. Keep in mind that measurements are really approximate. If you've got more or less, you'll be fine.


Layer 1   650 ml 22 oz. Medium salsa. Substitute hot salsa ONLY if you're 100% sure that the people eating the dip don't have any issues with it. Just cuz you can stand the heat doesn't mean your friends can.
Layer 2   4-5   Avocados, as ripe as possible without spoiling, peeled and mashed with a little (30ml or a couple tablespoons) lemon juice and a sprinkling of onion salt to taste. If the meat of the avocado doesn't stick a little to the nut or the skin, they aren't ripe enough.
Layer 3   250 ml 1 cup Chopped green onion (wash first), patted dry.
Layer 4   2   Large tomatoes, diced and patted dry.
Layer 5   500 ml 16 oz. Sour cream, mixed with ~1 package taco seasoning. Mix in a small amount of seasoning with the sour cream in a seperate bowl and add just enough seasoning to taste but not overwhelm the sour cream. Don't forget to mix in the seasoning in a seperate bowl, because its really hard to "stir" the seasoning into the sour cream without disrupting the other layers in the main dip bowl.
Layer 6   125 ml 1/2 cup Chopped ripe black olives (drained if they were canned). Don't forget to pat them dry.
Layer 7   250 ml 1 cup Shredded cheese. I like the Kraft 3 cheese tex-mexish mix, but cheddar will do.


Did you enjoy that? Great.